Monday, November 28, 2011

Junkyard Eyeglasses

Sitting at our table
At the Vee Bee B-and-N
A muffin and a coffee
I'm asking, "How you've been?"
You want a state of sunshine
Instead of common wealth
To kiss you in the Neon
Is a struggle of our stealth

Junkyard eyeglasses
The frames are always tight
Junkyard eyeglasses
Poor vision is my fight

Eleven thirty-eight
Our favorite time to talk
We are a perfect pair
Eraser to the chalk
You laugh loud at my stories
While busy on the couch
I'm dressed in shower pants
Four fingers in your pouch

Junkyard eyeglasses
Lenses deeply scratched
Junkyard eyeglasses
Who chose us to be matched?

Moving to Folk City
You want to keep in touch
Conversing every day
We do not do it much
You counter with a deli
At the nearby Farm Fresh store
Seeing meat you wanna wrap
Is slicing at our core

Junkyard eyeglasses
Missing a nose piece
Junkyard eyeglasses
A bridge for your release

Well, Twenty-Zero-Seven
The worst year of my life
Verbal jabs and Icehouse cans
Drunk-dialing with a knife
For my part, I'm sorry
Bad words on the line
We're a Grant Hart song
But I hope you're doing fine

Junkyard eyeglasses
Your face I still can see
Junkyard eyeglasses
Good memories to me


  1. Deepness. Love the useage of 'knife'.

    Who is the captain in the second picture Gunny?