Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Songstory: Mazzy Star - "Fade Into You"

Welcome to the first BLOG ALLIANCE GUILD (BAG) crossover event: Songstory. BAG is a group of bloggers and readers of blogs that has pledged its commitment to supporting each other's endeavors. Songstory is an event documenting the power of the moment and its soundtrack. Has a song ever just defined a moment for you? Well, Songstory is the telling of that moment. A single topic spread over multiple sources. Like crossover events from comic books, Songstory is just one of the many. Don't just read and enjoy this installment of Songstory, but follow the links at the bottom for other episodes in the series.

Many moons ago, I went outside to move my blue Plymouth Reliant out of the driveway. It was very early in the morning (3:30 AM or so). When I turned the ignition, my ears were greeted with the lovely voice of Hope Sandoval. As she was singing the verses of "Fade Into You," I closed my eyes and began to sigh. Maybe you had told me about your love for the song earlier, but a picture of you became framed in my thoughts. I felt compelled to take a ride to your place at Lynnbrook Landing. You probably weren't awake, but I would've been happy just staring at your green "Prelude." Alas, I simply pulled my vehicle along the street at Sandoval's final intone. I wish I'd been able to tell you about this experience when it happened. I wish I'd tucked you in your bed. I wish I'd talked to you more about dead fish in the lake. I wish I'd wrapped you in my arms. I wish I'd faded into you. Dark, mysterious and beautiful: These are qualities shared by the song and the woman it reminds me of the most. One more regret: When you last saw me on "Christina Day" (April 1, 2010), I should've popped in the appropriate CD and asked you for a slow dance to the wonderful composition. I'll save one for you next time, Christina. Always.

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